every day, natural healing


your ideal health is achievable.

with a little folkloric knowledge, the support of a communit(ea),

& natural healing modalites you Can live your best life

every day & feeeeeel ahhhmazing!!!

based on the natural practices of herboloy, aromatherapy, and ayurveda…

a cup of lemon balm tea tastes delicious and is calming

a cup of lemon balm tea tastes delicious and is calming


nature provides us everything we need to be and stay well. our natural teas and herbal products have what you need to maintain your health

lavender essential oil is the queen of all oils

lavender essential oil is the queen of all oils


aromatherapy is one of our favorite healing modalites as it you feel the results the fastest - in 20 seconds, your body responds to the sense of smell!

meditation and yoga are quintessential to Ayurvedic practice

meditation and yoga are quintessential to Ayurvedic practice


ayurveda is 5,000 year old ancient healing practice. based on meditation, yoga, the concept that food is medicine, a vegetarian diet, herbs, and essential oils, it empowers you to maintain ideal health and balance.


Healing Teas

with over 100 Healing teas our teas are blended with Intentions to help with your natural healing



Société apothecary offers natural healing options for your wellness. All products are made in our portsmouth, nh shop.


Ancient Wisdom

our mother earth gives us everything we need naturally. we just need the ancient wisdom to know how to live sustainably. the communi(tea) of société is centered on family and sharing this ancient, folkloric Knowledge that has been handed down from our ancestors for centuries.

join us for our workshops to learn how to apply this to modern living.


Weddings & Events

Want to have a truly unique and memorable event?

Choose from one of Société’s healing teas or essential oil blends, or work with Joy, a master aromatherapist and herbalist, to create you’re custom blend to make your day extra special and give your guests a memorable favor that they will love!


White Birch Natural Medicine & Wellness

Located at 51 ceres Street (next to annabelle’s & the oar house),

our SISTEr business is opening in December 2018.

A boutique wellness center in the heart of downtown portsmouth with a view of the piscataqua, we will offer natural medicine, yoga, reiki, pilates, shamanism, educational workshops & lots of love & Communit(ea).


Upcoming Events


healing tea happy hour & reiki, Restorative yoga

starting in 2019 THURSDAYs 6pm

Beginning in 2019, every thursday, join us for a healing tea happy hour and restorative yoga practice. You will learn all medicinal benefits of an herb each week, enjoy a cup of tea, and a restorative, healing yoga practice, infused with reiki.

Heart Centered YOGA & Healing Tea

January 13th 2-3:30pm

Join Kacy Harnedy RYT200 and Joy of Société for an afternoon workshop of yoga and tea!

Kacy will guide you through an hour slow flow heart centered practice to open Anahata Chakra paired with a heart chakra or kava kava cacao tea.

Love POTIONS & Elixirs

February 10th 2019 2-6pm

In the spirit of St. Valentines, come learn about 40 natural love elixirs to enhance your passion this month!  Learn the history of how herbs and natural aphrodisiacs can be used to enhance your sacral, heart chakras fire and love life.  Taste many of the potions and learn how to make these at home!