Love Potions and Elixirs Workshop

Love Potions and Elixirs Workshop


Love is the highest vibration on earth.  Plants, aromatics, and essential oils have been used throughout time by people in our history such as Casanova and Cleopatra to enhance euphoric love and arouse sensuality. In the spirit of St. Valentines, come discover 40 timeless, natural love potions and elixirs to intensify your passion and love vibration to the fullest!  You will learn the history of how herbs and natural aphrodisiacs can be used to fuel your sacral fire, open your heart chakra and attract new love or keep the sparks flying in your love life.  


$100 includes a sample of each elixir and potion, and our custom love potion #9 tea and essential oil blend to take home.

 This workshop welcomes both couples and individuals.  Please wear comfortable clothing.

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