My throat had been swollen for days and the smell alone of Joy’s special throat soothe tea melted the pain. Drinking the first cup changed how I felt the same day. It is so soothing and relaxing this tea blend is the healing answer for everyone with a sore throat!
— Taylor. Portsmouth. 2018

Joy is an incredibly gifted teacher and healer who is knowledgeable in many different areas of healing. She is highly intuitive, compassionate and will take the time to understand what will truly help her client. Joy is able to take her knowledge of healing teas, oils, mindfulness, yoga, bush flower essences, and Ayurveda to customize a healing plan for her client. I would highly recommend Joy to anyone who is need of healing.
— Suchi Pandey. Boston. 2018
Joy is professional, courteous, and goes out of her way to help her customers. My son has scoliosis and Joy prepared a special practice for him after intensively researching the subject. She takes obvious pleasure in healing others - which is her natural gift. I urge you to bring Joy into your life. 
— Adam. San Diego.2014